What is He Thinking? How Male Craziness Can be Used to Win Him Back

It seems the culture as a whole has grouped the word “crazy” with “women.” It isn’t fair. Even smart men would admit that they were a little crazy too, and in the right situation, everyone is a little crazy. Men and women really are not clinically insane for the most part. They are just passionate, and that makes all the difference in the world. Entire books are written about human behavior, the science of love, and everything in between. But, when it gets broken down to its most elemental factors, there is one common theme. Men want to be admired by their partner. When that is gone, everything else fades away. It is this admiration that she needs to channel to get an ex back.

Raising the Admiration Stakes

Ultimatums generally do not work. Incessant begging or nagging does not work, and it actually makes things a whole lot worse. he can be turned away by the pushy nature of it. She needs to gauge where she lies in admiration, and if she is providing that to him. There are ways for an ex to offer some admiration to make him think that this can be something once again. Remember the honeymoon months (or years)? Remember how he felt so good after each compliment, and that admiration pushed him to go the extra mile. Men have their own problems in a relationship coming apart and leading to a breakup. But, the lack of admiration and compliments hurt that. The amount of admiration a man receives is directly related to how much he cares about a relationship. It is not necessarily conscious. It is something that just happens.

Admire Him in Small Ways

It is going to be almost impossible to capture that honeymoon magic again, but it can be done. It may not ever be that way, but the relationship can come back strong. Admiring him in small ways now could help bring his attention back. Do it in subtle ways, and do it without expecting a compliment in return. Admiration is directly connected to influence and attention.

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